Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Making Money from Ads on Your Website

Web Marketing with Google's AdSense
Have you heard about people making money just from the ads that are posted on their websites, and wondered if it could work for you?

Here's how it works:
Google's AdSense program is a way that you can make money by allowing Google to place other sites' ads somewhere on your site.  Whenever someone clicks on one of those ads, you'll get money for having sent that visitor to the other site.

You can use the Web Control Panel to navigate through all the options of Google's AdSense program.  You set up all the options for which kinds of ads you'd like to have displayed, and which ones you want to block (obviously, you won't want to send your visitors to competitors' sites).
You can even manage it all,  giving you full control of your advertising plan and budget.

Web Marketing and SEO Services

Marketing Your Website

If you already have a web page, you probably already realize that just posting it doesn't guarantee that people will visit your site.  In fact, as the Internet matures as a marketing tool, it becomes more important to know the right strategies to get your website noticed.
Have you ever wondered how many people visit your private label reseller website, which pages they visit most, how long they stay at your site, or what other website sent them to your site?

Genesis Tech Software can help you track visitor statistics and make changes to your site based on what you learn.
While you can do a lot to drive traffic to your website for free, there are times when it's a good option to do a little paid advertising with the major search engines.
The way it works is pretty simple.

You set up an advertisement to display when searchers enter a particular search term at the search engine.

You only pay for it whenever someone clicks on that ad and goes to your site.
Using our web interface you can manage the whole process, giving you the flexibility to manage you own business advertising.

Some things to think about like setting up the advertisements (coming up with the right words to get results, and helping you decide which page of your site to send visitors to, etc.)

You can review the regular reports of the results of your advertising efforts.

Unlike most forms of advertising, you'll know exactly how many people saw your ad, and how many clicked on it and went to your site.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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